Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome to Blog Version 2.0!!!

Welcome to Making Money, a blog that tries to answer, amongst other things, the question "How the hell can I buy that firetruck if I have no cash?"

This is a follow up blog to Property Investing in Australia, which, I have to say, has been as successful as a wombat trying to stay awake for 5 minutes, but now that I am more "learnned", I hope to spread the knowledge that is in my head for all readers to benefit. Do not be afraid, I come with SOME credentials, I do manage the budget of a small government institution and hence have had first hand experience at fiscal spending to maximise operational requirements. In other words, I have learned and am continuing to learn how to be a tight arse. 

Please visit again and again if you are interested in my ramblings and, probably more importantly, are interested in making money. Not just pocket money for drinks at the pub on Friday, but real money that will allow you to retire within 10-15 years. 

Upcoming topics:

Savings accounts and you - how to spice up the relationship!
The Mortgage Monster - Don't fight it, let them fight amongst themselves, ninja style!
Term Deposits and Online Savers - the quiet assassins of your job!
Property - bloody property!

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