Friday, June 17, 2011

Why money causes happiness (contrary to popular belief)!

You've heard the saying 'money isn't everything' and that 'money can't make you happy' and that 'KFC is awesome', but I'm here to tell you these sayings are a load of crap (except the one about KFC).

While I totally agree that money in itself can't make you happy, I would have to say that having money ensures you won't be unhappy. So often people complain and whinge and whine, it turns out that statistically speaking, a lot of people's problems revolve around the good old dollar, and more specifically, the lack of it.

Let's take a look at a simple, but common, scenario. Let me introduce you to Duffus. Duffus owns a car (like an EB Falcon in Australia). It's a pile of crap, the only car he can afford. Since it is a pile of crap, it keeps breaking down and he has to keep spending money on it. The car breaks down, the harmonic balancer needs replacing (so says the mechanic), it needs new shockies and the rego is for a 6 cylinder car. So Duffus (really, I could replace my name here) has these 'problems' because he did not have the money initially to buy a decent car.

Let's take a look at another scenario. Let me introduce you to Sparkly. Sparkly bought a Toyota Camry, the newest one he could afford. Sparky had no problems with this car, although he did have to look past the fact that it was designed to be bullet proof and made for grandmas.

So Duufus and Sparky, two, kind of different people, who bought cars. The one with slightly more money, not a lot more, just slightly more, is well out in front in terms of possible problems with cars. And in essence, that little bit more money and slightly better thinking was just enough to 'not cause problems'. I suppose the question is; if there is less problems, is there then more room for happiness?

Until next time Gadget.